Monday, August 13, 2012

It's My Cake Day!!!

So today is my cake day!
Which means I have turned a year older :(
Now I can say that I am in my late twenty's. Yep you guessed it I' am twenty-six years old today!
Lately, I have had a busy work schedule. Including A lot of overnights.....Well Last night was just that another overnight. So when I finally came home at two thirty in the morning dis morning it was already my birthday. So Just Imagine it..... You are tired from work, your feet,hands,and back hurt. Then you get home walk threw the door, and then boom! there are your birthday presents waiting for you on the kitchen counter.
(can you say my husband Rocks!) anyhow this is one of the presents be per-pair yourself, you may drool.

That's right this baby is all mine! mwhahahhah! No really though this beautiful Emerald and Diamond pendant is all mine, my PRECIOUS!!! Tee-Heee! My Husband totally rocks!

But yes there is a but he also gave me something else which was also pretty awesome....wait for it....Wait for it. That's right I now have the.....DARTH VADER DESTINY DECIDER!!!!! Which is also pretty rad. My man sure can pick some amazing gifts for me. :D

What has your man given you lately that has knocked your socks off???

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