Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How to cover a lamp shade

Hello fellow bloggers....Yep I know I am totally horrible.....It has taken me forever to write this post. Tons of personal things have been going on for the last couple of months so I decided to not blog for a bit....But hello world I am back and I am not your cherry bomb...or am I. Anyhow now its time to get down to business.

Below is the fabric I chose to cover my lamp shade with. Any cotton print or non print fabric will work for this project.

I love this fabric! I found this print at Joann fabrics and craft store. I only needed to buy a half yard for this particular project.

                           Things that you will need....
 1. Lamp Shade!! what ever size you need. I needed a 8in wide lamp shade.

2. . Fabric( if you have a 18in wide lamp shade you will need 22in of fabric so it will roll over the sides of the lamp shade.)

3. Hot glue gun( you can buy them at any major store)

4. Optional: Trim I bought trim because I like the polished look it gives lamp shades. But it is purely optional

5. Xacto knife you can buy them at any major craft store

1. A.Wash and Iron fabric so it is crisp and wrinkle free.
     B. Turn on hot glue gun.

2. Take the lamp shade and find the hard line that runs down the width of the Lamp shade.This is where you will start gluing the fabric in place. Put a line of hot glue down the crease then put edge of fabric against the glue. rub your finger on the fabric over the glue line so you wont have any bumps in the finished piece. Wait a couple of seconds for glue to harden.

3.A. pull fabric really tight and place glue on the rim of the lamp shade like in the picture below.
pull the fabric really tight against the glue then smooth out the fabric. repeat this step for the top of the lamp shade as well. work your way all around the lamp shade until you end up back at the starting point.

B. now that you are done with gluing the fabric in place you want to take the Xacto knife, and cut the remainder of fabric off the inside of the lamp shade. This will give you a polished finish to your lamp shade.

4. Now if you chose to use trim like I did then you will want to make sure you have more then enough to go around the top and the bottom. plus you will want to have enough to cover the seam that you now have from the fabric starting/end point. I chose two spools of simplicity trim sold at Joann fabric and craft store.

5. Putting on the trim is super easy. Start hot gluing small sections of the top of the lamp shade, then lay the trim down on top of it.( Warning: you do not want to put too much hot glue underneath the trim, because when you go to smooth it out it will seep out from underneath the trim. That equals yuck!) Smooth out the trim and work your way around the top until you reach the crease of the lamp shade. Cut off excess trim.

6. Repeat step 5 for the bottom of the lamp shade.

7. measure how much trim you need to cover that crease of fabric. put hot glue on the crease then lay down the trim smooth out and then you are done!!! DO NOT FORGET TO TURN OFF THE GLUE GUN!!!!

My lamp shade turned out like this...
 super cute well at least I think so. Now that you know how to cover a lamp shade trust me you will want to cover every single one in your house, It is so easy and fun.

I hope everyone enjoyed my post it was as much fun to post this as it was to do the project. Have a wonderful Wednesday see you guys soon!

XoXo Jamie

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