Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Triangle Banner

Hello everyone! I hope you had a really good weekend.Today's post is a tutorial on how to make
your very own Christmas/Holiday Triangle Banner.

this is everything you will need to get started.


1.Elmer's Glue
2.A Ruler
3.Glitter!!!!!(I use Martha Stewart's Glitter.)
4.Five pieces  of Holiday Card Stock
5.One pencil
6.Hole punch
7.Coordinating ribbon

Step 1: Figure out what you want your banner to say! (Exp. Merry Christmas,Happy new Year,happy Hanukkah ect.)

Step 2: Flip your card stock over to the wrong side.Grab your ruler,and pencil.

Step 3: A.Put a dot in the exact center of the middle of your card stock.
        Now take your ruler and draw a straight parallel line threw that dot.
        B.Take your ruler and measure out triangles on each side.(don't worry if the triangles aren't all the same size)

Step 4: Once you have the triangles all drawn out you can start cutting them out.

Step 5: Now that you have all your triangle pieces you can now figure out how you would like to
        coordinate your pattern.Also start hole punching two holes one on each corner of your triangles.This is how you
        will string up your banner.

Step 6: Grab your glue....when you figure out what you would like your banner to say.Start writing it out on your triangle's.
        (Exp. Merry Christmas,Happy new Year,happy Hanukkah ect)
        Grab what ever coordinating  glitter you have chosen to go with your card stock and start applying it on the wet glue.
        Allow two or more hours for the glitter/glue to dry.

Step  7: Measure out how much of your coordinating ribbon you will need. Allowing enough to tie little slip knots on each end of the ribbon.
        so you can hang it on your mantle or wall.once you take the ribbon and put it threw each piece you are done!

I hope you all have enjoyed this tutorial!

I will post pictures of my banner soon!

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