Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It has been over a month since I have posted last. A lot has happend since then.
I am now a happy and proud Mrs.Tack our wedding was fantastic the food was amazing and the company was wonderful.
I will post pictures of our wedding when they are done being edited by the photographers(which by the way they where amazing.)

Married life so far has been great.I'm still trying to figure out what exactly people mean when they say "when you get married everything changes."
with me and my husband that just wasn't the case. We had already aired all our past, and dirty laundry out to one another years ago.
plus we have been living together for three years!! Now granted I still catch myself going I have a husband eeee! with a cheesy grin on my face,
other then that everything is the same. we still go to sleep, wake up and go to work ect.I guess some people spend too much time longing for how
they think married life should be.....They can end up dissapointed when it doesn't really change anything which is how I like it! I enjoy being
the wife to my husband I get great joy and satifation from it.Plus I also have a very pretty Step-Daughter now.Thank gosh we get along Phew!

now on to something completely different.... Yesterday we returned back Home from a weekend in Las Vegas! we had a wonderful time. Spent a little bit of
money,but we where able to get tickets to see steel panther, David Copperfield,and we also went to the shark reef aquarium at Mandalay casino
needless to say we had a blast! The food that we had in the city of sin was also amazing. If you ever find yourself in Vegas go to the MGM grand and eat at
Emerils restaurant, it was fantastic!

now it is time for me to sign off for the night....
Good Night!

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